We invite you to be part of an international team that values diversity, leadership and innovation

Over 10 years and in all countries where it operates, Trans-Oil Group runs its businesses with integrity, ethics and respect for employees, customers, other external organizations or local communities. Trans-Oil Guiding Principles and Compliance Policies describe ethical managerial standards and behaviours that each employee has to demonstrate on a daily basis.

 In the broader community, Trans-Oil is committed to respecting human rights, eliminating employment discrimination and illegal labor practices, and respecting freedom of association. In the relationship with customers, Trans-Oil combines its international expertise with people’s engagement to identify customers’ unmet needs, to create ways to meet those needs and delivering exactly when they need it.

 We aspire to be the ‘Employer of Choice’ for talented people, who seek responsibility, take pride in working for a fast growing company and who appreciate the opportunity to develop a strong career within the same company.

We are looking for ambitious professionals dedicated to excellence. We want candidates who possess drive, initiative, enthusiasm, and who are good team players to contribute to our growth and enhance our core competencies.