We are an international agro-industrial holding located in the Republic of Moldova with offices in Switzerland. TRANS-OIL GROUP OF COMPANIES is a group of companies engaging in a wide range of activities, including farming, grain handling and storage, flour and vegetable oil and meal production. The company has the Port Terminal situated in the South of Moldova at Giurgiulesti , at the country’s only international port.  Also there are 84 offices all over the country offering tolling services. Furthermore, TRANS-OIL GROUP OF COMPANIES runs international commodity trading activities, involving all Mediterranean region countries and Europe, as well as import/export operations with countries like Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine and USA.

The Group is a major exporter of the Moldovan cereals. The Group`s technical arsenal in cereals handling is the following:

  • Regional offices allowing to purchasing commodities directly from farmers;
  • Wide network of 14 grain elevators involved in acquisition and logistics process;
  • Own inland transportation division consisting of 40 own trucks and vehicle maintenance and repayment facilities;
  • tolling and purchasing offices throughout the country where farmers can barter seeds for oil and meal.

The Group owns 14 industrial grains storage facilities out of 19 existing in the Republic of Moldova. The storage facilities have the following main characteristics:

  • They are evenly distributed throughout the country;
  • Their total storage capacity raises up to 750 000 metric tons;
  • They ensure full coverage of the territory and subsequently the effectiveness in logistics.

The Group exploits 60 000 hectares of agriculture land leased from the local population, which offers a series of advantages and opportunities such as:

  • Cost efficiency and savings;
  • Having a reach experience of more than 10 years in farming and the necessary agriculture equipment, the Group`s farming activity is an important and advantageous part of its business in the Republic of Moldova.