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Trans-Oil Group is pleased to announce that Oaktree Capital Management (OCM) has acquired a minority interest in Aragvi Holding International Ltd (the parent company of Trans-Oil Group), thus becoming a shareholder of Trans-Oil Group. Oaktree Capital Management is a leading American global asset management firm specializing in alternative investment (including private equity) with over 120 Billion USD of assets under management. The new shareholder is expected to significantly increase the Group’s business outreach internationally, as well as to bring the highest standards of corporate governance and effective structures that will strengthen the performance of an important regional agribusiness player.  This is the first corporate investment done by a major US global asset management firm in the Republicof Moldova, which comes after another pioneered success of 300 million USD Eurobond issue in April 2019

TRANS-OIL GROUP OF COMPANIES is the exclusive oilseed crusher in the country, with a total crushing capacity of approximately 300 000 metric tons of sunflower seed per year.

Production and sales of vegetable oil and meal

TRANS-OIL GROUP OF COMPANIES owns 14 industrial grains storage facilities and also the group carries out port terminal handling and exporting of Moldovan commodities to international Market.


TRANS-OIL GROUP OF COMPANIES has been the No.1 exporter of grains produced in the Republic of Moldova over the last ten years, selling up to 70% of Moldova’s grain export.

International Commodity Trading Services

TRANS-OIL GROUP OF COMPANIES can provide tailor-made services of grain handling with dedicated and duly segregated, storages, transport and ship loading, through-out the whole value chain, preserving integrity of goods at any given time and guaranteeing no comingling, making it safe for our customers to safeguard the quality and intrinsic value of special commodities and crops.

Tailor-made services