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In the height of summer, Trans-Oil Group of Companies just started producing a new astonishing off-season product at its fat-and-oil complex FLOAREA SOARELUI SA — FLORIS OLIVIO, which is the blend of sunflower and olive oils in the convenient bottle type of 0.5 liters. According to the company's technologists, it is the top-quality product. The vegetable oils mix includes the basic product of the company Floarea Soarelui — refined and deodorized sunflower oil FLORIS (produced by the enterprise for almost two recent decades, and which technologies of production were brought to perfection), with added olive oil. The company imports olive oil from Greece — the EU country, which agricultural sector is associated with the great Mediterranean triad for millenniums: olive oil, cereals and grape wine. The blend of FLORIS OLIVIO includes sunflower oil and olive oil in the ratio of 4:1. On the one hand, the reporting ratio provides the Moldavian consumer with the traditional set of vitamins...

TRANS-OIL GROUP OF COMPANIES is the exclusive oilseed crusher in the country, with a total crushing capacity of approximately 300 000 metric tons of sunflower seed per year.

Production and sales of vegetable oil and meal

TRANS-OIL GROUP OF COMPANIES owns 14 industrial grains storage facilities and also the group carries out port terminal handling and exporting of Moldovan commodities to international Market.


TRANS-OIL GROUP OF COMPANIES has been the No.1 exporter of grains produced in the Republic of Moldova over the last ten years, selling up to 70% of Moldova’s grain export.

International Commodity Trading Services

TRANS-OIL GROUP OF COMPANIES can provide tailor-made services of grain handling with dedicated and duly segregated, storages, transport and ship loading, through-out the whole value chain, preserving integrity of goods at any given time and guaranteeing no comingling, making it safe for our customers to safeguard the quality and intrinsic value of special commodities and crops.

Tailor-made services