In May 2007 the “first peg” was hammered in and ground works started. In the autumn the workers began concreting and erecting the infrastructure of the terminals. The first ship was loaded with grain in October 2009. The sunflower oil terminals were put into operation in 2011. In the autumn of 2016, as a new terminal and a deep-water wharf were built and high-speed loading appliance was installed, the capacity of the port increased from 500,000 tonnes to 1,600,000 tonnes a year. Over the last decade, Trans-Oil, with the support of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), Societe Generale  and WBC, has invested in the port over USD 20,000,000. Currently, the Trans-Oil facilities in Giurgiulesti port are enough to store for further transshipment 70,000 tonnes of grain; 7,500 tonnes of sunflower oil and 8,000 tonnes of oilseed meal. And all this has become possible thanks to the “first peg", which was hammered in May 2007. Since then, Trans-Oil has been continuing to build up its facilities in Giurgiulesti Port.