Any cargo company from all over Moldova can offer Trans-Oil its services at a beforehand known price, the press service of Trans-Oil reports.    To make an offer, the hauler shall go to, open the Logistic section and fill in the application, in which the name and contacts of the company, a number of trucks available, and a region in which the service can be delivered shall be indicated.  As the application is submitted, the Trans-Oil manager will contact the transportation company within 30 minutes to conclude a contract.  Trans-Oil works transparently and the prices for transportation services it offers can be seen on the site in terms of tonne per kilometre.  The trade online platform of Trans-Oil was launched on July 17. This is the first platform in Moldova for suppliers of grain crops to offer wheat, corn, barley, soya beans, rape, pea beans and sunflower seeds for sale.  Trans-Oil is the largest purchaser of grain crops in Moldova.  By providing online access to the purchasing prices and transportation tariffs, Trans-Oil enables agricultural producers and transportation companies work directly with the client, without any intermediaries and at real market prices.   Trans-Oil Group possesses 15 elevators all over Moldova with the total one-time storage capacity of more than 710 tonnes; 2 oil-extracting plants, in Balti and Ceadir-Lunga, capable of processing 1,000 tonnes per hour and 400 tonnes per hour of sunflower seeds respectively; 2 grain terminals and the sunflower oil terminal in Giurgiulesti Port and some more agricultural, transportation and infrastructure facilities. The company employs over 2,000 persons.   In 2017, Trans-Oil is going to purchase grain and oil-bearing crops in large volumes.